Sunday, November 05, 2006

Care about them

Just attend a seminar about HIV/AIDS
Quite touching
A lot of activiti running.
Quite boring sometime
but at least after this workshop,
I know what a feeling of a person who having HIV+
I know more and more about this disease which incourable.

Quite emotional when a woman with HIV+ share her experiences with us
They told us how the people look them, how the people treat them even her mother-in-law treat him badly.
Why we treat them like that?
What is your feeling when some other people also treat you like that?
Why can't we accept them?
Why we can't treat them like a very normal person?
They are still human with feelings!

After the workshop,
I want to join the CASP and become a sukarelawan.
But for my age,
I think my parent will be shock and disagree with my thinking.
So, I just throw this things away from my mind.
Wait until I'm grow up.

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